pampas grass

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I said, “Pampas Grass!”


Although, these things do just show up uninvited – all of a sudden a few years ago these just appeared in our front yard like they were our estranged uncle Larry wandering into the family Thanksgiving party as if nothing had ever happened #familyincident


So I guess maybe they really are pompous asses – but they are definitely asses to embrace if you’re gonna go balls-deep in taking the Boho-Fabulous décor plunge. God, I hope you’re into that – because otherwise you’re going to feel pretty out of place around these parts – queue the tumbleweeds and Old Western Draw music…


*Awkward pause…


Anyhoo, here’s the scoop – you can’t open a magazine, Pinterest decor pin, celebrity house tour, or S&M video (wait, what?) without seeing these funny tickle feathers everywhere.


So, what are they, how much do they cost, where can I buy them, where can I grow them? How long do they last?


Here is everything you would want to know and then some:


What is Pampas Grass?


Pampas Grass is a fluffy, decorative grass that grows in the Americas and in Europe. It has become considered “invasive” due to its ability to displace native plants.


It is even illegal to grow in some places, like Hawaii.


If you are into growing things and aren’t worried about it taking over, consider adding some to your landscape.


Pampas Grass has recently become wildly popular as a decorating accessory, because it is relatively inexpensive, low-maintenance, and can be hugely impactful from a design perspective – with minimal effort.


It is also neutral in color which means it is ideal for just about any style or color themes.


Where Can I Buy Pampas Grass?


Just about every Tom, Dick, and Harry carries Pampas Grass. And by Tom, Dick, and Harry, of course I mean: Etsy, Michael’s, and Amazon. I’ve also seen them at places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

Here is a linky-poo to Amazon’s grass (not that kind man, Amazon doesn’t have that – yet) which might seem convenient but it’s more for me than you – line my pockets #honesty #affiliatetransparency #sweetsweetcash


If I’m being completely honest, the ones I found on Amazon seem a tad high-priced – but what do I know, mine showed up at my house for free. We cut them to their base and they grew back in days like something from Little Shop of Horrors.


You can also find this growing wild in various locations, but be careful that you’re not violating any laws or trespassing on someone’s property to collect it.


If you do opt for finding and collecting it locally – make sure you are removing any ants or spiders from the grass before bringing it inside, otherwise you might have some unwanted visitors.


How to Decorate With Pampas Grass


There are many ways to use Pampas Grass.


Most common is to place it in a vase or tall planter with a bottleneck in order to keep the stems tightly grouped.

5 CT X-Large Stems of Fluffy Pampas Grass 4FT image 2


What kind of Pampas Grass you want will depend on your personal taste:

  • Fluffy & Full
  • Colored
  • Wispy and Droopy
  • White (can be bleached or natural)
  • Short stems for a table vase
  • Long stems for a floor piece


Some people use tall, wispy Pampas Grass to draw attention to the height of the room, in lieu of a decorative indoor tree.

3pc x 6ft Bleached UVA Stalks Bleached uva Stalk Grass UVA image 0


You might also get creative using it other ways, such as:

  • An arch for a Wedding
  • In a wreath for your Wall or Door
  • As a tree (I actually wouldn’t recommend making this yourself)
  • As a cloud chandelier


pampas cloud

Pampas Grass Cloud Chandelier

You can also mix it with other dried flowers or sticks to create an arrangement.


Properly Prep Your Pampas


Whew, that’s a mouthful (TWSS).


So now that you’ve found this pretty grass on the side of the road or ordered it from some place, you have these fluffy wands in your home.


Now what?


Well, if you have collected them from outside, make sure you’ve shaken out any ants or insects – inspect each one to make sure you won’t be bringing in unwanted visitors.


Whether your grass is au natural or purchased, follow these steps :

  • Take your Pampas outside and shake it as much as possible to get all the extra shedding fluff out.
  • Spray your Pampas with hairspray to keep it fluffy and prevent it from shedding.
  • Leave it outside for a few hours to dry.
  • Trim your stalks to the length you want them to be (but don’t go too short – you can always trim more if needed).
  • Place into vase, planter, or whatever vessel will hold your Pampas.
  • Give these a light shake outdoors every now and again to get dust off and respray them with hairspray.


And that’s it!


The one drawback to these pretty accent pieces is they do have a tendency to shed – but if you’ve hair sprayed them well it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.


Alternatively, you might prefer an even lower-maintenance decoration such as Palm Leaves, which also looks great in a vase or on the wall, but won’t shed.


Large Palm Leaf Dried Palm Leaf Dried Anahaw image 0


I hope this information has inspired you to decorate with Pampas or something similar – it is a small investment for something that can have a big impact.


If you take good care of this pretty grass, it will be a great complement to your décor for many years.


Happy pampassing!